“Be who God made you to be…

…and you will set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena

Living your true-self will be the hardest lifestyle you chose to live.

Trying to find yourself in a crowd of people is exhausting. The opinions of others, our friends, the fear of failing, and the horrifying thought of being alone can cause emotional anxiety to run wild. Every experience in your past (good or bad) has impacted the choices you make and your decision whether to live authentically (the way you want to live) or not.

Picture your life as a moving train. Your sitting back, enjoying the ride set for a destination. This train travels everyday, it’s never dormant.

This ride stops frequently to pick up or drop off friends–it may even drop someone off and then bring that person back along. This train ride is ready to take you exactly where you need to go. The destination is filled with true happiness, joy, peace, and love.

Let’s say you were riding along one day and happened to look out the window. You saw something you thought is “totally awesome” but the train schedule said you weren’t supposed to stop there. Now you’re tempted to stop, so you do. Now you’re stuck, lost, and can’t get back on the train.

If you figured it out by now, the train ride is God’s will for your life.

Therefore; this ‘unscheduled stop’ is what it feels like to be out of God’s will for you. After realizing you (are) were stuck, you may tell yourself you’re not worthy to get back on the train. Thinking the train stopped running, or your train will never reach its actual destination now because you screwed things up.

I’m sorry life sometimes makes you believe these lies but your life has purpose and your train is always ready to start back up because you have a perfect and powerful train conductor.

Ask Him for the grace to want to get back on track. Second, be willing to listening and trust where He’s going to take you.

Warning: these two steps might have to happen every day, all over again.

When you surrender and let God start conducting again it creates a ‘heaven on Earth.’ There is infinite goodness in the ride. You’ll notice that you’ll help people by simply being you, you’ll find genuine connections with people, and the right people will want to be a part of your life. You’ll meet and find the man or woman God has in store for you to marry, and the goals and careers you embark on are going to mean way more than just “a standard of living.”

Don’t you want this for yourself? I want it for you.

The (road blocks) of your life are part of God’s plan to transform you. The temptations you struggle with along the way are meant to be meaningful opportunities for self-control, and spiritual and interior growth. They will help you discern what is best for you and your plan for eternal salvation.

God is extremely patient with us in our decision to be the wo(man) He calls us to be. For one, He actually let’s us choose to get off the train if we want. He knows it won’t fulfill us but He lets us try. More importantly, He doesn’t leave when we decide to get off. He waits for us to turn back around and say “wow, no, that was definitely not what I thought I wanted, can you forgive me, Lord?

And He’ll say yes and start the train up again.

This “train ride” eventually turns into a ride of great love. God loves nothing more than conducting His people on a journey to their full identity and pure happiness. As passengers, we are called to know, love, and serve our conductor.

God of the universe, who has everything and anything He wants, is incomplete without you. He lives for you.

For the sake of the love He’ll fill you with, for the knowledge you’ll gain, the wisdom to help you discern what stops are going to bring you closer to Him, and for the fulfillment, happiness, and purpose He has in store for you you to set the world on fire, by all means, trust your conductor.


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