Birth Control, Religion, and Sexual Freedom 

Birth control (BC) is another name for contraception. Contraception broken down means against (contra) fertility (conception).

*this post is solely to point out the way birth control is used for convenience* That said, to those of you who use it for medicinal purposes: I’m sorry about your pain and I can’t believe in this day in age of all the advances in medicine and technology the only option you have to help your pain is at the expense of a pill that increases your risk of breast cancer, gives you a greater risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, and other serious medical problems like toxic shock syndrome, high blood pressure, and blood clots. You deserve better care.

What about my sexual freedom?Women are not called to use BC to feel liberated or have freedom. Freedom is controlling your emotions. It’s like the friends who tell me they want to lose weight and try to accomplish that by buying weight pills, or those “waist thinners.” Those artificial concepts are “getting the easy way out” and make no room for the chance to feel and achieve self-satisfaction—the experience of hard-work, and working towards bettering yourself.

The earliest feminists opposed contraception for the mere fact that the use of BC allowed men to diminish the value of a women. They obtain this mindset that women are now always ‘in the mood’ to have sex whenever they want because there won’t be any problems with unplanned pregnancies. Likewise; rates of infidelity could increase because partners can be unfaithful without the fear of pregnancy.

BC doesn’t give men the opportunity to understand the beauty of a woman’s body. Men will never see how wonderful and perfectly made the woman’s body is. The life that forms inside her never comes off as a great gift or miraculous wonder. It eludes morality and diminishes the true beauty God made the woman’s body to be.

What really is sex?

Sex, created by God (not your desires, cravings, or fantasies) is made for bonding and babies. Bonding, because the act scientifically unites two people in a great and deep blissful love and babies because, state the obvious, sex brings life into the world. The way that (obvious) fact isn’t respected, appreciated, or seen as beautiful in the eyes of young people is because BC exists for sexual convenience. Birth control treats pregnancy as a disease—a curse—that implies ‘a woman’s body shouldn’t do what it is made to do.’ When a woman’s hormones are off balance and messed up through the constant use of BC over the years and the time comes to actually want to have kids, she is more likely to have problems because of how messed up her hormones are.

By restricting the exact duty your body is called for, you are going against what it means to be human.

Why can’t the Catholic Church just “get with the times?”

In the battle of BC vs Religion, religion is not the enemy—Birth Control is.

Using BC for long periods of time causes all the medical problems listed above, makes men devalue a woman, use her, and leaves you unsatisfied with your sex life. God created sex to be an awesome gift for two people in love. I can’t even put into words the ultimate ecstasy God has for sex. The Church wants nothing more than the absolute best for you–the fulfillment of human existence.

Yes, It’s hard. The world, the media, and everyone (99% of females and soon to be males) are on BC. With that, it seems so commonplace. We must put our desires aside. The Church is our hero because she is showing us what we not only need, but deserve. She is not restricting our freedom and stopping us from having fun, she created guidelines that allow you to get the most fun (fulfillment, love, and peace) you could ever get. Not the “fun” from hook-ups, fantasies, and your cravings for casual sex. The Church is out to promote the proper functioning of the body as God designed it to be.

There are so many studies and insights to read about when it comes to Birth Control. It seems as if the most effective one, which seems to be a pattern in society today, is the one that has nothing to do with fact or reason (or morals). It’s what we believe is right to do because that’s how we “feel.” It might feel good for a moment but if there is nothing good coming from it (a child) you’re abusing what it was created for and the glory of seeing how incredible the act is.

Love itself is not measured by the amounts of sex or sexual encounters you engage in. Love can be expressed in deeper and nonsexual ways. Likewise; not making your partner have sex is a greater act of love than love-making itself (Jason Evert). Sex is not a couple’s way to “solve problems” it’s sometimes their way of avoiding it, burying the issues.

Human beings deserve dignity from conception to natural death. Dignity to be respected, treasured, honored, and loved.


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