A thank you letter to “my person”

I’m not talking about a family member.

I’m not talking about a best friend.

I’m not talking about your significant other.

I’m not saying family, friends, and relationships are not special, because they absolutely are, but try to identify that one person in your life who does not fall into those categories but is still someone you appreciate. A person you know you hold a different kind of special and unique bond with, one you find yourself learning and gaining new insights from, someone you have an explainable thankfulness for.

You admire their façade, their values, way of life, and you’re openly comfortable around them. Circumstances brought you two together but choice kept you together. Nevertheless, the most thoughtful effort this person does for you; they believe in you.
So often, when I am down, I know I can turn to my family and friends and they’ll say, what I’ll call, obligatory response. It’s “what they have to say.”

For example, the classic, “You’re just saying that because you’re my mom.”

How rewarding is it when people –who don’t know you as well as your family/friends—are the ones who enthuse you?

This person, often times out of nowhere, hits you with uplifting words, deeds, or comments. This person may not be in your life as much as family and friends but they have faith in you. This person would do anything to see you shine (they already know you shine), and have every good intentions in wanting to be a part of your journey.

This is a heart-warming feeling and I think it’s almost crucial for our sanity.

You didn’t have to do anything spectacular, award-winning, or monumental to win their approval, they just see your light. You could fail miserably and they are still right there next to you telling you what you need to hear. They applaud every intention—not the outcome—as “award-winning.” And when self-defeat brings you down, you can trust them. You feel your own self-assurance come back just by being in their presence.

If you were able to identify who your person is, I beg you, thank him/her. Text them, send them a letter, copy this link and e-mail it to them. There is something so mysteriously powerful in knowing someone believes in you, sees your potential, and genuinely cares. Sometimes they may never say it, but their every action towards you proves it.

This person may not stay in your life forever, they may (without intention) drift out of your life and you’ll be disappointed about that but it won’t ruin your life because you’ll never forget, for one second, how they impacted your life.

Now, I want you to take a moment, and ponder one essential truth of this person…The affection this person has when he/she looks at you is abundantly greater in the way God cares when He looks at you.

(Side note: although your person may drift away, God never does).

When I see the goodness my person possesses, the comfort that exists when we’re together, the smile they put on my face, and their faith in me—I see a human depiction of how God would be if He were physically with me on Earth.

God put your person in your life to show you his love through them and we ought to know that it is God working through that person, just for you.

Just let that sink in for a minute…

Now let this sink in; someone who read this thought of you.

You are the face of God for someone.


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