The alcohol question no one is answering 


While reading that word, what came to mind? Negative or positive thoughts? In terms of yourself and your life; do those few words remind you of a memory?

It’s just a word but it carries meaning. It could mean nothing, it could mean everything. For me, it use to be negative for the mere fact that the people I know and surround myself with misuse it. If I could have stopped myself from witnessing, first-hand, death, abuse, depression, emotional anxiety, and evil at the expense of it, I wouldn’t have an opinion about it—but that’s not the case.

And it probably is the same for you.

Alcohol, by nature, is not bad. It is though, a predisposition to evil. So what is bad is the way people misuse it.

If I change alcohol to food, would you have the same connotations as you did? Probably not, but I could argue that food can be misused and is a cause towards death, a result of depression and obtaining anxieties (eating disorders).

Now I’m not arguing that the two are in comparison because they’re not. Food is necessary for survival alcohol is not. —but to understand that it is the misuse that creates immorality, I rest my case.

Because the point is, alcohol is not bad.

However; it limits the ability to make moral and ethical decisions which can lead to long-term damaging effects: drama, coping, watching the person you like pursue or use another person, break-ups, unfaithfulness in relationships, depression, taking control over someone’s body, addiction, and so on.

It can act as a “pain-taker” for those who may feel distraught about life. I, for one, think we capable, smart, and knowledgeable enough to understand that if alcohol is your aid in misery you know you’ll wake up with the problem still existing—and now in an even worse state because you’re going to be hungover and can cause mental and physical health issues.

What about the people who just need to let loose? It’s fair to get “wasted” when you truly “need” it, right? Those who argue the “let loose” question are controlled by their emotions and have no self-control. Sure, letting loose sounds fun but unfortunately the long-term side effects that you cannot see in spontaneous, “heat of the moment” night are invisible and can potentially last eternally. (look at that list again).

People, college, friends, yourself, and maybe family tell you it’s no big deal but keep reading that list or recall a moment when you uncovered a personal long-term effect of a “fun” night and let me know if that’s not a big deal on your life, emotions, or well-being.

We as humans are drained, tired, weak, and emotional people. We undergo mental states alcohol cannot fix. My decision to drink alcohol stems from a mindset that ensures the list of long-term side effects will be avoided. And I didn’t just come to this conclusion miraculously; I had to face the reality, undergo some lonely nights, learn from experience, and uncover the truth to have the strength to feel this way.

Personally, I love connecting with sober people. I’ve been able to discuss dreams, hurts, pains, sufferings, and joys with people without emotions being toiled with alcohol. The conversations are real and real friendships are formed. That said, this and only this, I think is what a person needs in order to rid the desire to let loose.

There is a saying that floats around social media time and time again that reads, “if girls treated each other like we do when we’re drunk in the girl’s bathroom then the world would be a much happier place.” When reading that, my heart broke. We need to be drunk to be nice to others? When people are not experiencing the benefits of personal [sober] connection, and pushing themselves to find genuine friendliness in a real moment, they truly have yet to live or know what value life has.

“Guilt says you’ve done something wrong, shame says you are something wrong.”

Life is meant to be lived in a fulfilling way. Why are people inclined to believe alcohol is the answer to that fulfillment? Let us find fulfillment free of shame, full of love, facing, owning, and embracing our struggle. Let us uncover the fulfillment our Lord promised us when He died on the cross for us. Be a real sober girl or guy outside of the bars, bathroom, parties, or dorms uplifting and loving people, y’all know the world needs it. Better yet, you need it.


One thought on “The alcohol question no one is answering 

  1. Perfectly enjoyed. I do like how you compared impressions to the word good. As a recovering alcohol, your words resonated with me. A really thought provoking write!


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