Beauty goes deeper than the surface

Alessia Cara’s hit song Scars To Your Beautiful tops the music charts. I don’t blame anyone for loving it. Thank-you, Alessia your song is the most convenient way to reach girls who won’t sit down for five minutes and ponder their beauty in a truthful way.

“She wants to be beautiful… she goes unnoticed… she craves attention, she praises an image..”

I mean seriously, how often do we have these thoughts?  How often is looking in the mirror the reason we have these thoughts?  How often is social media the reason we have these thoughts?  Why can’t we “see the light that’s shining deeper than the eyes can find it?” “maybe [culture] has made her blind, so we cover up our pain.”

“She prays to be sculpted by the sculptor”

So let’s redirect our thoughts right to where a woman should look to find the truth of her beauty. There is “a hope that waiting for you in the dark.”

Our Lord (the sculptor) is longing for you.  He wants to give you that love and attention you crave. He knows you’re beautiful and sees it more than any other person. He notices you. He tells you “you should know you’re beautiful just the way you are.” And “you don’t have to change a thing.”

In fact, the opposite, “the world could change its heart.”

The scars of your beauty

Sometimes a woman doesn’t “understand she’s worth it or see that “beauty goes deeper than the surface” because when she looks deep within herself she only sees her scars, her past, her hurts, and nothing about it is beautiful.  A woman finds herself thinking back to her mistakes, the friends who hurt her, the men who made her feel ugly, unloved, and the guys that hurt her. She may have had some nights she regretted, a father that didn’t love her, or a male figure that didn’t dignify her properly.

In any of those feelings, I invite every woman back into the arms of their loving heavenly father.

If you think any man has violated your dignity the opposite is true, he violated his dignity as a man.  God has never stopped seeing your beauty, He wants you to know that even though someone (unworthy) violated your dignity, you still remain dignified.

As a woman, there is a unique beauty meant to inspire others.  Women are called to unlock, and be the master of their own mystery.  By doing that you will reveal God’s mysterious beauty to the world, “for the greatness and beauty of created things comes from a corresponding perception of their Creator.” (Wisdom 13:5).

I know this song would have spoken to me in middle/high school. Sometimes what I did to radiate my external beauty (starving myself and praising magazine models) was what I thought to be the only means to feel beautiful. The only conclusion I made from those efforts was that it was exhausting.  It drained me and my soul was thirsting for more than just an intense pressure to look a certain way.  I learned the way my role as a woman alone is beautiful. I shouldn’t even have to try to touch up myself externally because, well, “beauty goes deeper than the surface.”

Pray that you, and women everywhere, see their beauty the way He sees it, because “you are altogether beautiful my love, there is no flaw in you.” (Song of Songs 4:7).


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