Men, this one is for you

First, on behalf of women everywhere, I offer a sincere apology. If you’ve been cheated on, manipulated, used (physically or emotionally), and/or wretched by any woman you dated or had feelings for, please know my heart breaks for you. I offer my deepest prayers.

I am writing to help heal those wounds. Those hurts have probably failed or belittled your attempts to strive for true masculinity. I feel deep sorrow for the ways women hurt men, and the ways they neglect to inspire and encourage men in all their goodness. Society often tells women to “be careful around men, they’re always up to no good,” but from what I see, women are too.

The gossip, the negativity, and the emotional turmoil we start up—I’m sorry

The use, manipulation, and how we’ve led you to sin—I’m sorry

The way we dress that promotes immorality—I’m sorry

For all the ways women never inspired you—I’m sorry.

Unfortunately, not all women are going to apologize and for that reason I leave you with some advice.

“Do not give yourself to a woman and let her trample down your strength, do not go near a loose woman or you will fall into her snares.”[1] –Women should uphold your true masculine nature. Your strength, ability to lead, protect, initiate, have courage, show respect and dignify women, and stay chivalrous. In return, you compliment and complete her grace, patience, sensitive, nurturing, welcoming, kind and gentle nature.

“With a woman sin had a beginning and because of her we all die.” [2] — If you get involved with the wrong woman, you will die inside. She will suck the life out of you. The best advice I can offer: if a woman does not bring out the best in you, and not a prideful ego-driven self, then you have yourself a jewel. Who or what you love is what you become. Remember, “the higher a woman’s virtue, the more noble her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, and goodness, the more you should aspire to be worthy of her” (Fulton Sheen).

Women are mysterious. Take my word, I have yet to solve the mystery of my own nature, so you will never solve the puzzle. Instead, allow yourself to see the beauty in the pieces you put together.

You are one of God’s beloved son’s. His wondrous, unique creation. He calls you to greatness and He needs you to stand up to become the man He’s called you to be.

“There is a need for a crusade of manliness and purity to counteract and undo the savage work of those who think that man is a beast. And that crusade is a matter for you.” –Josemaria Escriva

I pray this message will reveal and speak truth in your life. I meet too many men who don’t get enough credit. I want what’s best for guys everywhere and I thank you for your efforts to be a man in such a hard time–don’t stop. I especially thank  my father and brothers who continue to teach me my worth and beauty as a woman.

And most importantly, I write this to bring men closer to Jesus. Girls love Jesus, and you’re called to imitate Him.[3] It is in Him you find the woman worthy of your love and you become the man you are called to be.

[1] (Sirach 9:2-3)

[2] (Sirach 25:24)

[3] Ephesians 5


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