Patience, faith, and trust

Lately the Lord has been working through me via advice of wise priests. (Praise be to God for them!) I firmly believe each one was speaking on God’s behalf  so I can honestly say He’s trying to tell me to work on the virtues of faith and patience

 “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” –St. Augustine

Conversation One:

One priest asked me my passions and career plans after college. Beings a Religious Studies major, I expressed my passions but I spent more time babbling about my disbelief that jobs won’t exist in that field of study. His response, “just enjoy studying it, the opportunities you have to engage in it, and have peace with where you’re at.”

Life Lesson:

God is omniscient, that means He knows all things. He knows what stage I’m currently at in life and works with that. He’s not asking me to work with the unknown (aka the job I hope to one day have).

What is God doing for you right now, where do you see His hand leading you?
Are you dwelling more on the unknown rather than trying to work with what and who God put in your life?
Are you letting your past stop you from having what you want?

Know God has you exactly where He wants you. Seek the ways you can better love him, serve him, and know him. For example, right now, I’m a daughter, sister, friend, and student. The only question I should be asking myself is “how can I see and emulate the face of God in those situations?” God wants you to be attentive to the present moment so He can work with that, not work with something that doesn’t exist.

Conversation Two:

I called a priest friend of mine for advice on how to better an internal conflict (which I won’t share) I’ve been having, I asked him, “What is the right and wrong way to go about this?” His response: “Wait, let’s not make the focus “right” or “wrong,” let’s change the wording to better or worse.”

Life Lesson:

God is also omnipotent, which means He is all powerful and can do all. He doesn’t expect us to do anything! All He wants is for us to cooperate with the graces He is giving us.

Conversation Three:

In my efforts to seek hope in a hard situation, the priest laughed and reassured me God was in control and life goes on. Saying, “Your worries are not doing anything to better the situation, have trust in God—He’ll lead you to the right path.”

God is omnipresence. He sustains everything and is actively working. He is working especially in providing graces for your path to Heaven.

In all, God just wants His children to love Him and the rest of life’s “problems” will follow. In remembering our goal is eternal salvation— an endless life of praise towards our God—Let’s strive to do just that on Earth! The situations, jobs, and people we are best able to praise God through are exactly where God wants us to be.

“On Earth as it is in Heaven”

In short, God does not cease to be God because you are confused, anxious, or worrisome. God’s still being God and refuses no grace or blessing to you, you refuse Him and His abilities to work within you when your emotions control the situation instead of letting Him do it for you.

I recently read that consolation is a gift. God doesn’t want us to love Him for what He does (giving us peace in consolation) but to love Him for who He is. In order to grow into mature faith, He may withdraw consolation to increase your ability to have faith.

That said, I continued to read that intellectually, you must know God is controlling everything about your life and He is with you because that’s what scripture says God is.

Faith, then, is full trust in that. It is nothing the intellect can fathom or understand. And I guess that’s why they call it a “leap of faith” because you’re putting trust into something unseen.

“A saint was once asked, while playing happily with companions, what he would do if an angel told him that in a quarter of an hour he would die and have to appear before the judgement seat of God. The saint promptly replied that he would continue playing because he was certain these games were pleasing to God.”


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