The awesomeness of a groom’s reaction to his bride

When Adam see’s Eve for the first time, he is stunned. Okay, no–actually, stunned is an understatement.

“This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh!” -Genesis 2:23

When I read that passage I picture Adam’s reaction to be the look a groom has when his bride walks down the aisle on the day of his wedding. As much of a “cliché phenomenon” you think this reaction is, let me paint a spiritual picture for you.

There is something so special about this moment. It is so real. The sight of a mans future bride’s radiant beauty is so pure in heart.


He’s not looking to his bride as an object to use that night, a woman to manipulate forever, no. He’s looking at a radiant woman he chose to freely lay his life down for. A woman he can gift his entire self to.

The very sacrament of marriage are two people whose love for each other outpours in their heart and soul so freely, totally, fruitfully, and faithfully that they don’t know what else to do with their love but to vow each other their self in the form of a sacrifice similar to Christ’s on the cross.

“Here you go, my beloved bride, here is my bank account, my job, my house, my loans, my past, my present, my future, everything I am and everything I am striving to be. Here are my arms to hold you up when you fall. Here is my heart when you need love, compassion, intimacy, and empathy. Here is my mind that I’ll use wisely to help bring you to understanding in life. Here are my legs to support our whole life together and the kids we have. Here are my lips that will profess my love for you by the words I speak and endless kisses I give. Here is my body, given up for you which is an outward sign of my soul, my entire spiritual essence, through my body, that expresses the hope, faith, and love I have for you.”

And if that’s not the most visible reflection of who God is (a total self donation of Himself to us) well gosh, then I don’t know what else he could have done to show it.

Christ walked willingly into that bloodbath crucifixion by his complete and total free will, motivated by a love he could not contain for you. He did it all to faithfully stick by your side and offer the fruitfulness of his divine love and body, “all the days of your life.”

And when the depths of this cannot be understood, (because the evil one tempts us to sexual impurity and lust every day) we can’t experience the love of God for us in its entirety.

If we pray for the depths of Christ’s crucifixion be experienced within us so profoundly, this is would forever recoil you at the thought of impurity and open your heart to the beauty of authentic love.

More importantly, knowing what divine love feels like means you will never settle for a relationship (or a significant other) who portrays anything less than the Father’s love. 

Sit before the Blessed Sacrament and ask Jesus to be intimate with you.

When we feel the love of Christ SO deeply in us, we have no other option but to take that love and gift it to other people–especially your spouse (or future spouse).

Purity is so worth the hard work. A virtue, mindset, and desire worth exercising. You’ll be able to love without regret, to be intimate without shame, and to be able to gift yourself to someone who deserves all of your goodness. And likewise, to receive the gift of someone in return.


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