Trust the Process

You have probably heard the famous chant, “trust the process,” that the Sixers are known for. I immediately fell in love with it and I say it in regards to practically everything.  This is a chant we should all use in our lives—especially in the development of strong faith.

Take a moment to identify a current “process” you’re persevering through (it probably takes up 80% of your mental energy and prayer).  Your “process” is rooted in a determined will to gain some essential “good.”  For the Sixers, it’s a victory in the NBA. For you, it might be a better job or employment status, maybe it’s patiently waiting for God to put the man/woman of your dreams into your life,  overcoming a certain vice,  pushing through college to get your dream job, and so forth.

Whatever it is, your process implies an essential key to your identity and path to sainthood; this desire is given to you from God.  And working for it serves as a means to your sanctification.

“All the things in this world are of God, created for us, to be the means by which we can come to know him better, love him surely, and serve him more faithfully.” –St. Ignatius of Loyola

Since God is the transcendent mystery behind all humanity, the fulfillment and meaning of our lives, passions, desires, and talents are unique to you.  That said, your “process” is a specific way for you to understand who you are, The One who made you, and the relationship the two of you will share.  Hardwork helps the process bear fruit and increases our virtues of faith, hope, and trust in God’s ways deeper.

God reveals Himself to us by working with the desires of our heart.  It is how we handle ourselves in our life, in what we do during the process, what we do to further the process, that we gift  back to God. God wouldn’t call you to a desirable lifestyle and leave you hanging either, it is all to serve as a pathway to revival and triumph of His glory, His ways, and your identity.

Keep working on your process— it takes continuous effort, trust, and faith.  The ending might not be what you idealized it to be, but it will be what you need it to be.  It will mature you, uplift you, and change you.

God knows what He’s doing, trust Him through the process [even if it hurts you].

God wants nothing more than to have you close to Him. He’ll do whatever He can to make sure you grow closer to Him. So rejoice if being close to Him results in roadblocks to success, slow victories, patience, a broken heart, or a lot of losses in your NBA career.  Give thanks in all circumstances and know that He has so much in store for you and wants to surprise you along the way.

Asking God to let you see Him, His glory, His plan, and His love for you will come uniquely.  Maybe it’s through animals, the people you meet, ministry, youth or elders, the job your in, the friends His love is reflected in.  Take the reflection of His goodness that speaks so loudly to you and run with it.

Your “process” is not the end goal/identity of your life, God is the end goal of your life.  Your process is simply the means in which God is calling you to find Him.  It is there your personal faith journey is understood, recognized, and humbly worked for. It will become the words of your testimony, and the fire in you that ignites a true, and personal love for God.

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, so that he may exalt you in due time.” –1 Peter 5:6-7


Praying and trusting that God is working in me by way of my “process” shows me how all parts of life –the good and the bad– can become more meaningful when it bears the fruit, hope, strength, virtue, and most importantly, the goodness of God.  It reveals to me there are some things worth persevering, failing, and succeeding for. 

“They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength, they will soar on eagles’ wings; They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.” -Isaiah 40:31

Trust the process.


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