The greatest love you’ll ever find

We all try to run a race of intense searching.  We search in the darkest, lowest, and dangerous alleys too. Never stopping at a rest stop and giving up when it gets hard. Hopping from one milestone to the next, still unsatisfied. “Maybe it’ll be when I date this person!” or when I get this job, or graduate, or the next drink, or, or…..

The entire time your mind feels like that fuzzy screen with the annoying noise that pops up on your TV when you’re on the wrong input setting.


Yet the man we call Jesus who is the light, the highest good, and the safest place to turn to didn’t want us to over complicate our search.  The search for peace and love is not hard —  nor is it in anything extraordinary.  In fact, it’s the simplest it could ever be.

It’s a small minuscule host.  A circle of simple bread.

Jesus could have chosen a block of gold, silver, a giant palace, a bench with a monogram on it in the park, anything for us to remember him.  Instead he chose bread.  And for that He is certainly a genius.

Through this bread, tiny bread that transforms the reality and mystery of his personal essence, is something He allows us to consume, and sit in the presence of.  Sounds crazy, but look at it this way:


If you’ve ever selflessly loved someone, you know that being in their presence brings out a sense of mysterious goodness in you.  The closer you get to this person, the more you become yourself.  Out of no-where, this person’s presence begins to transform you.  Your thoughts change, you desire to be better, rid certain habits, and become the best YOU there ever was because the radiant mystery of this one person has influenced you in incomprehensible ways.

You end up thinking about this person so purely and wholesomely.  You have no idea how to express your love, so you just value the time together and embrace the closeness.  You can look at this person, say nothing, and feel content and united.  Likewise, you smile and gaze upon them with the profound desire to become close to them and be one with them through relationship– (and if God calls you to marriage with this person, then you can become one with them in “one flesh” through sexual intimacy which is a great gift God gives you to truly experience this uniting closeness.)

The aura of that person is just, well, beautiful and worth something.  And the deep gaze you share in their eyes is worth more than winning the lottery.


If that has ever happened to you, then the idea of the presence, the goodness, the aura of Jesus in the Eucharist is not as absurd as we sometimes think.

It does take a lifetime to understand the mystery of the Eucharist.  As does it take boyfriends/girlfriends (eventually spouses) a lifetime to truly know each other.  And when human-beings are striving everyday to tap into the fullest potential of their personhood, then your role as their lover, by their side, in their life is to do it with them. To influence, assist, and aid in the journey of that person’s accomplishments.

Our Lord, who is unchanging and perfected in a small white host, is present to us as stability in chaos of life and the answer to our search for the deepest love.  His ways are the fullest potential of our personhood and when we embrace this goodness, through actual consumption of it, we change.

The power that comes when we can sit in his presence and let Him pour on us the graces necessary to become the persons He calls us to be is beyond all understanding.  To let His love penetrate our hearts and unite us to the glory of divinity.


This is his body, given up for you.

Given up for you to purify your desires to the depths our Lord wishes you to reach.  Given up for you when you need rest. Given up for you in sickness or health, wealth or poverty,  in the good times and in bad.  Given up for you, all the days of your life.

God is deeply interested in us.  He’s fighting our battles so we can open ourselves to His presence. He longs for us to turn to Him, in simplicity, to in return be nothing short of simple. Because when we become more like him–through receiving him–we penetrate the mystery of God to ourselves, others, and every person God calls us to interact with.

This Eucharist is a call to put it all out.  A thirst for a heart that blazes with a fire of divine love.  To experience divine love and then let that divine love be the way you experience this life in relationships, jobs, everyday activities like working out, and eating, and yep, you bet, even you’re sexual intimacy (in marriage, of course)

The Eucharist is an ecstasy that leads us outside of ourselves and makes visible the love of God.  And the more time we spend with, in, and around the Eucharistic presence of Jesus, the more we see, touch, taste, and experience the goodness of God in our lives.

Think about it.  Whatever you spend your day doing, it becomes a reflection of your nature. Binge watching TV, listening to music, scrolling through social media, reading or anything, that content shapes, molds, and cultivates your thoughts, perceptions, and desires. It molds your outlook on life, and the realities of life.  SO, it should only follow that if your time is spent abounding before the glory of God….. or letting the glory of God abound in you….. WELL, chances are that content will also shape, mold, and cultivate your thoughts, perceptions, and desires.

Take your pick.


Our habits either feed concupiscence or kill it, little by little. And if one of our habits becomes spending more time with the Eucharist, it would only follow that the direction of our lives, the desires we have, and the mission God is calling us to will become–in it’s purest sense–a Heaven on Earth.

When most young people read this, and they think “oh, the Eucharist will make me become a nun, or priests in order to be holy…” Don’t fret.  Spending time in the Eucharist reveals to us who we are in God’s eyes and surmounts our ordinary scheduled life into extraordinary appreciation, love, and beauty.  It helps us rid our sinfulness and recoil at anything less than what we deserve.

Consider that holiness is real.  Real emotions, real empathy and desires rooted in their true goodness.  Realness in the acknowledgment that while this life is chaotic, there is peace in Jesus.  Realness in the way you treat your wife in the morning, and realness in the way you go to your job each day.  God wants you to become the truest “you” you can be and this comes from participation in the Eucharistic.

The Eucharist is mysterious in many ways. This analogy I write doesn’t even touch the surface of what power and love that small host contains.  Let it overpower you.



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