What about us?

Pink’s new song is considered the alchemy of modern cultural prowess.  The luminosity of the words, the beat, yet most evidently, the passion of Pink’s celestial voice evokes the exceeding desire of the delicateness of the human heart in such a chaotic world.  She reminds us that in and through it all there is a longing our minds crave for in the search for truth.

Anyone can ask the question, “what about us?”

Those suffering from the horrific natural disasters in the past month who want there life back to normality.  The husband or wife who wants their spouse to come back to the faithfulness and bliss of marriage. Those who feel alone, and isolated from their peers or family.  The persecuted, handicap, and confused.  Those seeking change in the society of everyday life.

And many people today are doubting the omnipotence of God because we are surrounded by this doubt and consistent disaster.  Our questions, and the burdens of stress and anxiety in such a strange world overpower our minds.  Anyone can admit our culture is shifting, day by day, in new moralities, traditions, and a total mistrust in what the future holds.

Pink says it best, “We are problems that want to be solved, children that want to be loved, and the world keeps fooling us. Enough is enough.”

And this, precisely this horrific world, is why the existence of God, the power of His ways is necessary now.  Isn’t it time to put trust into a higher power? A higher good that calls Himself love? A higher good that can be trusted with the dreams and hopes we have for happy ever after?

Pain and suffering in this world reminds us who the man Jesus Christ is.  The man who came to Earth in his perfected nature was not immune to the chaos. He too was affected by this world.  He too had to make the choice to either believe in the power of God that works through him, or to diminish it’s power and sulk in the pain.

Even Jesus asked God, “what about us?” (Mt. 27:46)  but, even when He asked that, He never lacked trust that what God was doing was more powerful than His feeble mind could comprehend. 

Jesus didn’t deserve to die, yet willingly died on the cross for humanity — not to put an end to violence, death, fear, hurt, pain, and chaos, but to conquer it. To rise above it. To overcome it. And the same power that rose Jesus from the dead is alive in us today, we just have to invite it in.

In full trust and love of God’s goodness, humanity needs to rely on His strength, and His power to work through us and teach us in our struggles and hard times.  Because when we crank Pink’s song up to max volume, impelled by the pain of our own aches and wounds for acceptance, love, peace, and truth,  we are screaming out loud for something we already have, but we’re just ignoring it.

And it’s time to start living like we have it.

So, are you with Pink in saying, “I don’t want control, I want to let go.”  ?

Then you are ready to place all in the hands of God.

Because until the day Jesus decides to rise again and end the world in order to restore it back to it’s original beautiful peace and joy, and takes total rein over the entire Kingdom of Earth, we can only let him take total rein over the kingdom of our bodies, of our whole heart and show us the peace that can be found right within us. 

The power of perfect love, a transformative, loving union of a mysterious blazing fire that yearns for our good lies in the very heart of the man Jesus Christ.  He knows exactly how much it hurts when we scream, “What about us?”


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