In a culture that is “sexually liberated,” many people skew their idea of authentic intimacy and love. Instead of loving people, we end up using them–emotionally, physically, or both for our own selfishness. Sexual immorality is the greatest poverty I witness and the cultures surest destroyer of true joy and the love our souls long for.

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We want relationships for the way a person makes us feel, not the joy of sacrificial love. Usually ending (or failing to end) relationships because “it’s too hard” and requires too much work.

We think our worth is found in relationships alone–never highlighting our identity as an individual.

We are scared of commitment so we have “friends with benefits” and “hookup” with others neglecting to highlight their dignity and instead lust over their body.

We confuse genuine love with an overbearing desire for passion and lust.

Women are convinced they need to reveal their bodies to look good, feel good, and find approval of men.

Men pressure women into revealing their bodies and have no respect for her soul, letting his passions overpower his brain.

The pornified culture diminishes our ability for real love. (Fightthenewdrug.org)

Genuine masculine friendships don’t exist and the dating game is over complicated and disrespected.

My goal is simple, to write thoughts that help re-think dating, relationships, sexual intimacy and sexual morality according to God’s plan for authentic love.

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