Why do you waste moments of your day wondering how good you look? Emotional anxiety doesn’t look pretty, make eyelashes longer, or help you lose weight. Nevertheless, that’s not the point, the point is; don’t you want peace?

Peace that finally frees you from the overbearing pressure to look good.

Peace that says you are not the number on the scale.

Peace that highlights the kindness of your heart, not the wounds it hides.

Peace that uplifts other women, and befriends others, not belittles at the expense of jealousy or vanity.

Peace that stops you from keeping up with others and just keeping up with yourself.

Why do we compete with other girls? Do not shun or belittle their talents, achievements, possessions, or virtue, instead, compliment it. Uplift her and tell her she’s beautiful—that doesn’t mean you’re not. She is probably looking at you wishing she was more like you—but you’re too busy idolizing each other that you can’t even recognize the beauty you both possess. Everyone’s light is different—learn to appreciate and love every kind of light.

Why do you want the approval of men? You give yourself away to them as if they’re worthy of you. They’re not. They must earn you and prove their love for you. Don’t you realize you’re worthy of dignity and respect? You know you don’t want to give into men, but you let your emotions control you and seek their approval. What makes them so special? Why does their opinion of you matter?

Life is not about finding the most attractive guy and keeping him around to make you look good. Relationships are complicated, require demanding love, and sacrifice. Before you can love anyone, you must love yourself. And if you’re called to marriage, God has the most perfect man for you. Let Him be the author of your love story.

Your worth can’t come from who you’re with, what you wear, or what others think. It comes from God’s love for you.

Do you keep your beauty, gifts, and talents locked away and put on a mask? Are you ashamed of the real you? Don’t be scared to reveal who you are—the best people will love the real you. You will love the real you. Negative opinions and fears of abandonment are good things. They rid out any “phonies” in your life and lead you to friends with true benefits.

Sadness and misery can try to diminish your uniqueness but the uniqueness and beauty you have within you never goes away—you just choose to hide it. Insecurities overpower you and thoughts run wild, so rise up.

But what if I fall?

Chances are, you will.

The power, love, and grace of your Savior, Jesus Christ, will be there to catch you and show you how to best reflect your light. Will you let him in?

Who are you? What are you supposed to be? Don’t lower to what your friends want, or what that guy wants. What do YOU want?

Heaven and its beauty is all around you. God wants you in love and friendship with Him to have eyes to see it. To reach that Heavenly place He made for you. God wants you to go deeper and uncover your true-self. Your testimony to the world is needed. You have purpose—God wouldn’t create you to be miserable, you choose to be miserable.

If you don’t make the change to dig deeper and say yes to God, you will never find who, what, and where God is leading you. The biggest battle you will ever face in this world will be the battle with yourself.